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Responsiveness sets your business apart. The question is — Does your business have the necessary tools to remain up to date?

Digitization is the game changer for businesses and enterprises of the 21st century. Businesses that had recognized this fact have started to merge the voice and data. So that, professional virtual presence as expected by the clients is maintained.

GrandstreamIndia’s IP Phones, IP PBXs, and Gateways provides Internet telephony convergence in order to improve MSMEs business communications. Clear sound coupled with a quality service and compelling features has proven to be effective and at the same time has lowered down the expenditures of business communications of many. GrandstreamIndia solely designs solutions and manufactures products to bring in flexibility and scalability at business premises. And offering reliable solutions and products at the better price is one of the Grandstream’s objective.

One of the principle background while designing and manufacturing solutions and products is that Grandstream thinks and analyses businesses of every kind and various scales. Be it a manufacturing industry, finance, healthcare, auto and transportation, media, telecommunications, legal and much more.

See below that how some of the enterprises of your industry vertical has leveraged Unified Communication. Links below will let you witness the recommended features along with the success stories from the other businesses in your industry that switched to Grandstream products.