Taking your business conferencing to next level. Meetings and Collaboration assisted by video and audio conferencing tools open the door for productive and quick decision making. Our solutions for face-to-face visual communications and audio conferencing stations are deployable into any network.

Audio Conferencing

GAC2500 is an answer to the advanced table-top conferencing. Not only quality visuals and HD Audio, also the flexibility in AndroidTMexperienced is at par with this audio conferencing phone. It has the most stylistic modern design and comes at a lower cost.

Full HD Conferencing System

When it is said that our solutions take business conferencing to next level, it is implied that productivity is maximized and collaboration is fast (as and when required) and most importantly effective. Such a business conferencing solution i.e. video conferencing also saves thousands of bucks spent on each travel. Full HD Conferencing System connects all the offices and rooms at different geographical locations. IPVideoTalk is a tailored audio and web conferencing platform; it is the only answer to your online video meeting or linking GVC devices.