Be it consultation, installation, or after-sales support... GrandstreamIndia assists you through the all.


Voice over IP solutions has assisted many businesses to enhance their business communications and at the same time offered cost savings, advanced features, and flexibility. If your business is spread across various geographical locations and involves various stakeholders for a decision making, then you need to seriously consider VoIP. And even though you had considered it, the multitude of brands and related services in the market is only going to make your decision delayed and leaves you with nothing. For choosing upon the best VoIP for your business demands recognition of the exact and accurate telephony needs that take along the reliable surrounding network infrastructure. The best-chosen option or brand has to perfectly fit in your specific environment and at the same time (most importantly) be scalable.


Though Configuration sounds an easy terminology but involves a good amount of skills and techniques. It is highly complex and requires expert technical skills as well a great understanding of business communication processes.


To start leveraging VoIP is easy and quick with us. Deployment and Installation by our experts are the fastest and easiest. So that you can quickly begin reaping the benefits of IP Telephony like cost savings, efficiency improvements, and much more.

Extended Warranty

Grandstream discards that products are long lasting- except its utility and functionality. And, it should be boldly accepted that products break. In most of the cases ‘Products Breaks’ when they are least expected and majorly after the expiration of warranty provided by a manufacturer. And when it does, it brings in the lots of hardware and infrastructure expense.

Value Proposition

Grandstream’s value proposition to our clients is to offer products and services via the team comprising of premier institutes of India. The deep domain knowledge in telecommunications that our team has work in hand solely with the innovator companies and organizations. Following such ensures the best quality services to our clients.


Whether you’re still installing your new VoIP equipment or need help with an existing system, Grandstream India can leverage its countless years of experience to troubleshoot even the most difficult problems. Pulling from over 10OK customer interactions, we’ve probably already seen your issue and can quickly work to solve it or point you to the person who does. And with three degrees of support to choose from you can get help when you need it and not pay for it when you don’t.