Legal service providers and institutions are enhancing their internal and external communication with an approach of Unified Communications that Grandstream Solutions offer.

Legal service providers and institutions of any kind and of any scale are witnessing the effectiveness in their communication processes with Grandstream Solutions- for Unified Communication. The responsible factors for such is an inheritance of flexibility, effectiveness, increased productivity, and scalability. All these leads to the Responsiveness that sets apart an enterprise.

The following recommended features are essential for maintaining your business’ competitive advantage in a highly saturated industry:

Recommended Features

Call Detail Reporting (CDR)
CDR populates and sends via email an excel file with all external calls made from one line. This allows you to extract information for billing purposes and is also widely used in criminal cases taken to trial.

Call Recording
This feature has the ability to record and store PBX, SIP or PSTN calls either locally on the Quadro’s internal memory or on an external server. Calls can be recorded by pushing the record button on an IP phone, programming specific extensions to be recorded or recording every active call.

Find Me Follow Me
The Find Me Follow Me feature permits employees to have calls track them down wherever they are. This Quadro feature makes your employees more efficient because it gives them the ability to handle office tasks from any location.

System Security Software
The System Security Software feature protects your IP PBX against external hackers, who could have the ability to reconfigure your system through eavesdropping, Denial of Service (DoS) or Theft of Service (ToS). Not only does the software prevent the above through internal protections, but each line also has the ability to be password protected through the security system.


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