Grandstream does not believe in superficial things. We believe that products are not long lasting. And, we boldly accept that products break. In most of the product of the case breaks when they are least expected. Such is majorly after the expiration of the warranty.

The Grandstream Play 3 warranty program is made for such problems. Its purpose is to protect your investment. So, in cases of defects, components and equipment failures, malfunctioning, or products ceases to operate due to off-failure, etc. then this program provides an expedited replacement. (Note: User Negligence is not part of it).

Play3 covers for a full 3 years (from the date of purchase) the hardware purchase completely.

Basic Conditions (No Fine Print):

  1. The equipment that was strictly purchased from us.
  2. It must be returned within the Play3 warranty period.
  3. Play3 extended warranty program must be purchased at the point of sale. (It is non-refundable.)

In nutshell, get ready to protect your investment with Grandstream. The following factor says it all:

No complex forms.

No waiting in line.

No hassles.

Last but not the least, Play3 damaged and Product.

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